A Link Conference for Charity

LRTcon was an SEO conference held once in 2019 donating EUR 43,545. The 2020 edition was successfully pre-sold at over 65k on the 1st day, but cancelled. Thanks to many who left their donation in, like our main sponsor. We could donate remaining EUR 31,617.50 from 2020 ticket pre-sales, so currently US$ 35,102.62 to help families and children in the Ukraine. Huge thanks to our main sponsor for $10k alone

Internet Marketing Ninjas Link Building Services

Jim Boykin and Internet Marketing Ninjas you really rock, we knew it all along. Thanks so much!

Why Ukraine?

If the most criminal invasion and terrorist attack conducted by Russia starting Feb 25 2022 wasn't enough, here's three more reasons:

Speakers from Ukraine

LRTcon was headlined by some amazing speakers from Ukraine.

Guests from Ukraine

LRTcon was visited by many competent and nice people from Ukraine.

Friends & Customers from Ukraine

LRT had customers from Ukraine, what we consider our neighbors, for a decade. We met at Workshops and Conferences. We became friends.


Where the money comes from

Our guests. Our speakers. Our sponsors.

LRTCon 2020 presales

LRTcon was a hugely successful SEO conference held first in 2019. Thanks to amazing speakers also from Ukraine we pre-sold over $60k right after it for 2020.

LRTcon 2020 was cancelled

Due to COVID the 2020 edition was postponed, then cancelled. For three months a refund or donate decision period was given to our guests and sponsors. Many took out their money.

Refund period 3 Months –> 12 Months

From initially three months, we waited over a year to decide to take the refunds or take the donation for our charity cause.

EUR 31.617,50 to donate

Thanks to Internet Marketing Ninjas and Jim Boykin as main sponsor as well as many guests who left their ticket fee with us, we are able to help the most dramatic cause in modern history. That's a whopping US$ 35,102.62!

You can help as well!

There are a lot of ways how you may help!

Learn how you can help.

Where the money goes to

Children. Because Children are our future. And because Children are the most innocent victims of this criminal invasion and terror attacks by Russia. Children will suffer for a long time, even if the last soldier has put down his weapons. SOS Kinderdorf has been helping Ukraine for 20 years, and Christoph has worked with them for even longer than that.


Assistance with evacuation and emergency shelters, transportation to safe areas.

Food & Hygiene

Provision of food and hygiene articles.

Psychological help

Psychological emergency aid after stress and shock.


Admission of refugee families in Austria.

SOS Kinderdorf for Ukraine

A recap of the 2019 event

A recap of the 2019 event by Ross Tavendale and his team at Type A Media

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Visitors about the 2019 event

A few guests about the LRTcon 2019 event.

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Just a few of the many fine companies that helped by leaving their money donated.